National recovery plan for the Tallong Midge Orchid (Genoplesium plumosum)

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, May 2002
ISBN 0 731 36457 0

Executive Summary

This document constitutes the formal National and New South Wales State Recovery Planfor the Tallong Midge Orchid Genoplesium plumosum. It considers the conservation requirements of the species across its known range, identifies the future actions to be taken to ensure its long-term viability and the parties who will carry these out.

The Tallong Midge Orchid is listed as Endangered under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and as Endangered (Schedule 1, Part 1) on the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. It is a small ground orchid which flowers between February and early April.This species occurs only in NSW, where all sites other than a recently discovered small population are within three kilometres of the township of Tallong. The recently discovered site is 8.5 km south-east of the township of Wingello on the NSW Southern Tablelands.

The first actions to recover this species commenced in 1998. Several Recovery Actions have been undertaken since then, mostly with the financial assistance of the Commonwealth provided under its Endangered Species Program. These previous actions are described in this Plan.

The future Recovery Actions detailed in this Recovery Plan include; (i) accurately determining the size and extent of known populations and survey of potential habitat, (ii) monitoring known populations, (iii) involving the community in the conservation of the species,(iv) encouragement of community involvement in the conservation of the species, (v) maintenance of an effective Recovery Team.

It is intended that this Recovery Plan will be implemented over a five-year period. Much of the Plan will be carried out using the existing resources of NSW Government agencies, community based groups, and Commonwealth NHT funding already provided for this purpose. An additional $2,800 will be required to implement some of the actions.

Signed Signed
Brian Gilligan
Bob Debus MP
Minister for the Environment