Thick-billed Grasswren (Eastern Subspecies) (Amytornis textilis modestus) (North, 1902) Recovery Plan

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, July 2002
ISBN 0 7313 65143

1 Current Conservation Status

The Thick-billed Grasswren was once a widespread species in arid Australia and occurred across much of western New South Wales. The species has undergone a dramatic contraction of range since European settlement and is now only considered locally common in the Lake Eyre and Lake Frome basins in South Australia (Garnett & Crowley 2000). The last confirmed record of the species in New South Wales was in 1956 (McAllan 2000).

The Thick-billed Grasswren (eastern subspecies), hereafter referred to as the Thick-billed Grasswren, is listed as Endangered on Schedule 1 of the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. Where Amytornis textilis occurs in other states it is also considered to be threatened. In South Australia the species is listed as Vulnerable (National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972). In the Northern Territory, A. t. modestus is listed as Endangered (Territory Parks and Wildlife Act 1998) and in Western Australia, A. t. textilis is listed as 'rare or is likely to become extinct' under the Wildlife Conservation (Specially Protected Fauna) Notice 1999. All three subspecies are listed as Vulnerable on the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.