Irenepharsus trypherus (Illawarra Irene) Recovery Plan

NSW Department of Environment and Conservation, 2005
ISBN: 1 7412 2145 5

Appendix 6: Summary of advice from the NSW Scientific Committee

Under Section 66A of the TSC Act (1995), recovery plans must include a summary of any advice given by the NSW Scientific Committee, details of any amendments made to the plan to take account of that advice and a statement of reasons for any departure from that advice. The Scientific Committees comments on the draft Irenepharsus trypherus Recovery Plan and details of the amendments made are tabled below.

Section Comment Response
- Replace NVC Act with NV Act Amended
Section 6  There is good distributional data in the plan but virtually no biological data. No amendment necessary. All known biological data for the species is included in the plan. Specific Objective 6 aims to promote research that will assist in the management of the species.
8.3.2 Who will carry out the exclusion experiment? No amendment necessary. This will be addressed in the relevant site management statement(s).
Table 7 Does the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens have the capacity, budget and resources to handle seed for all the threatened plants in NSW? No amendment necessary. The DEC has committed in-kind funds to undertake the long- term storage of seed of this species.
Table 7 In light of DEC budget stringency, are the proposed budgets feasible? No amendment necessary. The proposed budget is feasible provided that external funds can be secured to implement the actions that are identified in Table 7 as having unsecured funds.