Irenepharsus trypherus (Illawarra Irene) Recovery Plan

NSW Department of Environment and Conservation, 2005
ISBN: 1 7412 2145 5

7 Previous Recovery Actions

7.1 Survey

The DEC and community volunteers conducted further surveys to determine the status of known I. trypherus sites between May 2001 and May 2004. These surveys had the following results:

  • I. trypherus plants were located at seven sites (Ir2, Ir5, Ir7, Ir9, Ir10, Ir11 and Ir12);
  • No I. trypherus plants located at three sites (Ir1, Ir3 and Ir13); and
  • Access to three sites (Ir4, Ir6 and Ir8) was denied by landholders.

7.2 Profile and environmental impact assessment guidelines

A species profile and environmental impact assessment guidelines for I. trypherus were prepared by the DEC in May 2002 to assist public authorities, community groups and private landholders in the conservation of the species. The documents also aim to assist consent and determining authorities in the statutory assessment of potential impacts on the species.

An updated version of these documents incorporating the information compiled during the preparation of this recovery plan is included at Appendix 2.

7.3 Establishment of a recovery team

The Illawarra Regional Threatened Flora Recovery Team was established in June 2001 to coordinate the recovery planning for six plant species that occur in the Illawarra area and are listed as endangered at a State and National level. These species are I. trypherus, Daphnandra sp. C Illawarra, Zieria granulata, Pterostylis gibbosa, Cynanchum elegans and Pimelea spicata.

Representatives of the public authorities that are involved in the planning and/or management of remnant vegetation in the region are present on the recovery team, as are representatives of various regional organisations and community groups.

7.4 Community awareness initiatives

  • An information brochure has been prepared and distributed to raise awareness of the Threatened Plants of the Illawarra including I. trypherus.
  • In June 2002, the Australian Network for Plant Conservation and Wollongong Council hosted a workshop to raise awareness of issues relating to the conservation of threatened flora in the Illawarra. I. trypherus was one of the subject species of that workshop.
  • In November 2002, Landcare Illawarra hosted a workshop to raise awareness of I. trypherus and five other endangered flora species amongst Landcare groups and interested individuals in the Illawarra.
  • The DEC has initiated a program of meeting landholders with I. trypherus on their property to discuss sympathetic management of the species and the opportunities for entering into conservation agreements.

7.5 Other recovery actions

  • A Property Agreement under the Native Vegetation Conservation Act 1997 has been signed to protect habitat for the species at Marshall Mount (Ir1). Cattle have been temporarily removed from the subject property until the installation of watering points and fencing of native vegetation has been completed (Knowlson, pers. comm.).
  • A professional shooter was contracted by private landholders in March 2003 to undertake a goat cull on properties that adjoin the site (Ir12) in the Kangaroo Valley section of Budderoo NP.
  • Site management statements are being prepared for all sites on DEC land. These statements detail the specific threat abatement measures required at each site and a timetable for the implementation of these measures.
  • The DEC has commenced a long-term storage program for I. trypherus seed as part of an ex- situ conservation program for the species. Investigations into basic aspects of the seed biology of the species have also commenced.