National recovery plan for Ginninderra Peppercress (Lepidium ginninderrense)

A Recovery Plan under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (C’wlth), based on an Action Plan (Action Plan No. 25) prepared for the species under the Nature Conservation Act 1980 (ACT)

Consultation and Community Participation

The original ACT Action Plan was released as a draft in September 2002 for public comment (minimum 21 days). Availability of the draft was advertised in The Canberra Times. Following analysis of the comments, the final plan was released on 30 June 2003.

The Draft National Recovery Plan was released for public comment in 2004 and revised on the basis of comment received.

Under the current land use (Belconnen Naval Transmission Station) there is no public access to the Ginninderra Peppercress site. However, with the development of the new suburb of Lawson recreational use of open spaces in the area will increase. As part of the management of the proposed reserve, opportunities to involve the local community in Park Care activities will be explored with the ACT Parks and Conservation Service.

Role and Interests of Indigenous People

The interests of local Indigenous communities in this plan have not yet been identified. Implementation of recovery actions under this plan will include consideration of the role and interests of indigenous communities in the region.


The Department of Defence and subsequently, Environment ACT (Wildlife Research and Monitoring) will have responsibility for coordinating implementation of this Recovery Plan. When the area containing the Ginninderra Peppercress ceases to be under the control of the Defence, it is proposed that it be placed in an ACT nature reserve. Under this land tenure, conservation and management of the species will also be the responsibility of Environment ACT (ACT Parks and Conservation Service).