National recovery plan for the Lord Howe Woodhen (Gallirallus sylvestris)

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, 2002


The plan was prepared by Brett A. Lane of Ecology Australia Pty Ltd and edited by Nick Sheppard, William Faulkner, Lynn Baker and Katrina McKay, NPWS. The plan has benefited greatly from the input of a number of key people, with special thanks to the following for their input and generous assistance:- Lisa Menke, Greg Leaman, (previous employees) and Judy Riddle, Gower Wilson and Esven Fenton (current members) of the LHIB.

  • Robert Harden, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Biodiversity Research and Management Division.
  • Chris Hibbard, Australian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria (ARAZPA) Taxon Advisory Group Convenor - Australian Non-passerines.
  • Mark Bezuijen, Ecology Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Julie Smith, Samantha Olson and Dean Hiscox, Rangers, Lord Howe Island Board.
  • Peter Evans, Acting Manager, Lord Howe Island Board.
  • Murray Carter, Manager, Lord Howe Island Board.

Local residents:

  • Paul Beaumont,
  • Gary Crombie,
  • Matthew Retmock,
  • Ray Shick,
  • Christine Skeggs,
  • Des Thompson,
  • Rodney Thompson.