National recovery plan for the Lord Howe Woodhen (Gallirallus sylvestris)

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, 2002

5. Disturbance

The Lord Howe Woodhen is tolerant of a range of human activities and a significant proportion of the population (c. 40%) lives in the settlement area on the island. The Woodhen, like many island animals, is tame and, at times, inquisitive. This made it vulnerable in the early days to predation by humans and introduced predators such as Cats (Fullagar 1985) and Masked Owls.

Dogs are well managed on the island and incidents of Dogs taking Woodhens are rare. Feral Cats no longer exist and there is one domestic Cat remaining on the island, which is desexed. Importation of Cats to the island is prohibited.

A full account of the factors leading to the decline of the Woodhen is provided in Section 8.