National recovery plan for the Black-eared Miner Manorina melanotis 2002 - 2006

Conservation of old-growth dependent mallee fauna
Prepared by David Baker-Gabb for the Black-eared Miner Recovery Team, February 2001
(Revised February 2003)

10. Appendix 1 - Black-eared Miner Recovery Team Membership and Abbreviations

ALT Australian Landscape Trust
BA Birds Australia
BBT Bookmark Biosphere Trust
DEH Department for Environment and Heritage, South Australia
NRE Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Victoria
Elanus Elanus Pty Ltd
EA Environment Australia
LTU La Trobe University
MoV Museum of Victoria
NPWS National Parks and Wildlife Service, New South Wales
PV Parks Victoria
SunBOC Sunraysia Bird Observers Club
TSN Threatened Species Network, South Australia
RZSSA Royal Zoological Society of South Australia
ZPGB Zoological Parks and Gardens Board, Victoria

Other Abbreviations

BANRS Birds Australia Nest Record Scheme
BeMRT Black-eared Miner Recovery Team