National recovery plan for the Black-eared Miner Manorina melanotis 2002 - 2006

Conservation of old-growth dependent mallee fauna
Prepared by David Baker-Gabb for the Black-eared Miner Recovery Team, February 2001
(Revised February 2003)

Appendix 3. Recovery Plan Project Design

Broad Goals 2002-2006   Objectives   Criteria   Actions
A. To maintain the current range of the Black-eared Miner and to increase numbers in at least 3 locations 2. Refine distribution and abundance to assess costs to donor populations and to know when recovery program goals are achieved 2. Colony numbers refined in SA and at Vic and NSW translocation sites during 2002-04 2.1 Undertake surveys in SA
2.2 Undertake surveys in NSW
2.3 Undertake surveys in Vic
3. Maintain and enhance habitat to increase numbers of Black-eared Miners 3. Vegetation and fire history mapped, excess dams closed, tanks and fire breaks installed in SA by 2004, and audit completed in Vic and NSW by 2002 3.1 Produce fire plans in SA
3.2 Upgrade tracks in SA
3.3 Install tanks and fire breaks
3.4 Reduce grazing pressure in SA
3.5 Protect habitat in Vic and NSW
4. Monitor colonies to determine management impacts 4. > 10 new people monitoring and 50 biological samples collected annually 4.1 Implement monitoring
4.2 Train observers
4.3 Determine movement patterns
4.4 Identify most valuable colonies
7. Increase numbers in Vic and NSW 7. Tripling of numbers of Black-eared Miners in Vic and NSW during 2002-2006   7.1 Translocate c250 birds to Vic
7.2 Translocate c100 birds to NSW
7.3 Collect biological samples
7.4 Prepare termination criteria
B. To implement measures to increase quality of colonies 5. Control genetic introgression 5. Threats abated with removal of selected Yellow-throated Miners, and non-essential dams closed 5.1 Develop control protocol
5.2 Implement controls
C. To maintain and breed birds in captivity and harness this experience 6. Maintain a captive population and increase experience and awareness 6. Zoo staff fully involved in translocations, captive breeding, and community awareness, and produce a husbandry manual by 2003 6.1 Maintain captive Black-eared Miners
6.2 Assist with translocations
6.3 Produce captive management plan
A. + B. + C. 1. Manage an effective Recovery Team which reviews and reports on the recovery program 1. High levels of stakeholder support and involvement, timely annual reporting 1.1 Manage Recovery Team
1.2 Manage Operations Groups
1.3 Produce Action Statement
1.4 Produce NSW Recovery Plan
1.5 Annual review and reporting
1.6 Develop termination criteria
8. Population viability modelling to refine targets 8. PVA model produced and targets refined by 2003 8.1 Develop population viability model
9. Communication to increase community involvement and awareness 9. Community land managers and > 10 new volunteers/year fully involved, and 2+ media stories produced per year 9.1 Involve the community
9.2 Communicate information
9.3 Produce media strategy