Noisy Scrub-bird (Atrichornis clamosus) Recovery Plan

Alan Danks1, Andrew A. Burbidge2, Allan H. Burbidge2 and Graeme T. Smith3
ISSN 0816-9713


We would particularly like to thank our colleagues on the Noisy Scrub-bird Recovery Team for their help in the preparation of this Recovery Plan: Peter Cale, Kelly Gillen, Bruce Male, Richard Rathbone and Gordon Wyre. We would also like to thank Jim Rolfe and Leigh Whisson who prepared the figures, and Jill Pryde who prepared the manuscript for publication.

Many people have contributed to the conservation of the Noisy Scrub-bird since it was rediscovered in 1961. The late Harley Webster, together with Norman Robinson, initiated research into the Noisy Scrub-bird. Staff at Two Peoples Bay, including Dick Grayson, Ron Sokolowski, Graham Folley, Andre Molan and Dave Wilson have contributed in many ways, especially the protection of the reserve. The help of Don Merton of the New Zealand Department of Conservation was crucial in developing translocation techniques in 1983. CALM staff who have provided major help with translocations over the years include Jim Rolfe, Col Ingram, Allan Rose, Ian Wheeler, Kim Williams, Mal Graham, Geoff Harnett, Hugh Chevis. CALM Albany District and South Coast Region staff have supported the project in many ways. Particular thanks go to all the volunteers who assisted with translocations and population monitoring since 1983: Tony and Joan Bush, Peter Cale, Otto Mueller, David Morcombe, Darren Murphy, Jean-Paul Orsini, Kate Von Schill, Laurence Cuthbert, Jessica Dyer, Judy Genat. Special thanks also to Leigh Whisson, Technical Officer at Two Peoples Bay, who has greatly assisted all aspects of the project in recent years. We would also like to give special thanks to Perth television station Channel 10 for the generous use of their helicopter for the releases on Bald Island and for the keen interest and support of their film crew.