Pterostylis gibbosa (R.Br.) Illawarra Greenhood Orchid Recovery Plan

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, September 2002
ISBN 0 731 36905 X


This Recovery Plan is a revision of the plan prepared for the Australian Nature Conservation Agency (ANCA) in 1994. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) acknowledges all those individuals who contributed to the preparation of that Plan.

This revised recovery plan is the combined effort of a large number of people who have contributed to the survey and research on the species. The NPWS thanks the following:

The Pterostylis gibbosa Recovery Team for advice on the preparation of the Recovery Plan, particularly Professor Rob Whelan and Inger Taylor, University of Wollongong and Graeme Bradburn, Illawarra Australasian Native Orchid Society (Illawarra ANOS).

John Riley, ANOS and Graeme Bradburn and Ron Tunstall of the Illawarra ANOS for information, their enthusiasm and dedication to orchid conservation and for their involvement in targeted field surveys for the species.

Maria Matthes, Geoff Robertson, Sharon Nash, and Merrin Tozer (NPWS) and Inger Taylor (Wollongong Uni) for their research and field studies on P. gibbosa.

The staff and students from the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong, particularly Professor Rob Whelan, Graeme Kohler, Zoran Dokonal, Elisa Heylin and Inger Taylor for continued support and research into various aspects of the species' biology and ecology.

TransGrid, Shellharbour Council and those private landholders with the species on their properties for managing P. gibbosa on their land.

Tom Chambers and TransGrid for supporting students from the University of Wollongong conducting research into P. gibbosa on TransGrid property at Yallah and for involving themselves in adaptive management for the species on their property.

Les Mitchell, Nowra Area NPWS for coordinating the Voluntary Conservation Agreement (VCA) with Shellharbour Council and Inger Taylor, University of Wollongong, for preparing the Plan of Management (PoM) for the VCA.

Robert Humphries (NPWS) for advice and comments on the recovery strategy.