Pterostylis gibbosa (R.Br.) Illawarra Greenhood Orchid Recovery Plan

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, September 2002
ISBN 0 731 36905 X

Appendix 2 - Known distribution of P. gibbosa, tenure, zoning and threats at each site

Population Site Name LGA Tenure Status at each site Zoning Threats
Cumberland Plain Cumberland Plain (western Sydney) Various Various Presumed Extinct various habitat loss/degradation
Yallah Yallah, Pacific Power Substation - fenced areas Wollongong City Council TransGrid Extant 5(a) Special Use no immediate threat
Yallah, Pacific Power Substation - area outside fenced area Wollongong City Council TransGrid Extant 5(a) Special Use grazing, trampling
ex-Norken Wollongong City Council Private Unknown 1 Non Urban grazing, trampling
Yallah Bush Wollongong City Council Private Unknown 7(a) Environment Protection (Special) trampling, fire management
Albion Park Albion Park Croom Road Sporting Complex Shellharbour Council Crown Extant 6(a) Open Space (Recreation) rubbish dumping, access, Inappropriate fire regimes and weeds
Nowra Nowra Browns Creek Shoalhaven City Council Private Presumed Extinct 2(c) Residential rural activities, residential development
Nowra Currambene State Forest Shoalhaven City Council State Forest Extant   timber harvesting, inappropriate fire regimes
Milbrodale Milbrodale Singleton Council Private Extant Rural motorbikes, fire management