Pterostylis gibbosa (R.Br.) Illawarra Greenhood Orchid Recovery Plan

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, September 2002
ISBN 0 731 36905 X

12 Survey

12.1 Objective

  • To establish the full extent of the distribution of P. gibbosa.

The current distribution of P. gibbosa is detailed in section 5.1 of this recovery plan. Whilst it is unlikely that additional populations exist on the Cumberland Plain or in the Illawarra, it is likely that new populations of this species will be discovered with further survey, particularly in the Hunter and Shoalhaven areas.

12.2 Performance criteria

The criterion for the successful implementation of the survey objective is that:

  • potential habitat is identified and surveyed.

12.3 Recovery Actions

  1. The NPWS will investigate the possibility of using predictive modelling techniques to identify suitable potential habitat for future surveys.
  2. The NPWS will liaise with the ANOS, State Forests of NSW, and Shoalhaven City Council to undertake a survey of populations in Currambene State Forest, Nowra and surrounding environs.
  3. The NPWS will liaise with the ANOS and Singleton Council to undertake further surveys in suitable habitat in the Hunter Valley area.
  4. All relevant stakeholders (public authorities and private landholders) will be informed of survey results, particularly Shoalhaven and Singleton Councils.
  5. Atlas of NSW Wildlife cards are submitted to the NPWS and specimens lodged with the Australian National Herbarium, Canberra and the NSW Herbarium, Sydney upon the discovery of any new populations.