Spiral flag Patersonia spirafolia interim recovery plan 2004-2009

Western Australian Threatened Species and Communities Unit (WATSCU) © The Western Australian, Department of Conservation and Land Management, 2004


Spiral Flag (Patersonia spirafolia) Interim Recovery Plan 2004-2009

In adopting this plan under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), the Minister for the Environment and Heritage has approved the addition of the following information.

Critical Habitat

The plan identifies critical habitat as including areas located a set distance around known populations which contain habitat similar to that in which the species occurs, as well as areas that do not currently contain the species but may have done so in the past. These areas identified in the plan do not represent areas of critical habitat as defined under section 207A of the EPBC Act.


The following people have provided assistance and advice in the preparation of this Interim Recovery Plan:

Anne CochraneManager, CALM's Threatened Flora Seed Centre
Mike LyonsResearch Scientist, CALMs Science Division
Amanda ShadeHorticulturalist, Botanic Garden and Parks Authority

Thanks also to the staff of the W.A. Herbarium for providing access to Herbarium databases and specimen information, and CALM's Wildlife Branch for assistance.