Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) Issues Paper

Department of the Environment and Heritage, May 2005
ISBN 0 6425 5082 4

Appendix 4

Convention on Migratory Species: Article IV: Migratory Species to be the Subject of Agreements: Appendix II

  1. Appendix II shall list migratory species which have an unfavourable conservation status and which require international agreements for their conservation and management, as well as those which have a conservation status which would significantly benefit from the international cooperation that could be achieved by an international agreement.
  2. If the circumstances so warrant, a migratory species may be listed both in Appendix I and Appendix II.
  3. Parties that are Range States of migratory species listed in Appendix II shall endeavour to conclude Agreements where these should benefit the species and should give priority to those species in an unfavourable conservation status.
  4. Parties are encouraged to take action with a view to concluding agreements for any population or any geographically separate part of the population of any species or lower taxon of wild animals, members of which periodically cross one or more national jurisdiction boundaries.
  5. The Secretariat shall be provided with a copy of each Agreement concluded pursuant to the provisions of this Article.

Source: Convention on Migratory Species (http://www.wcmc.org.uk/cms/)