Approved Recovery Plan for the Ripple-leaf Muttonwood (Rapanea species A Richmond River)

Threatened Species Unit, North East Branch
New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation, 2004
ISBN: 1741221382

9. Biodiversity Benefits

The preparation and long term implementation of Recovery Plans for threatened species, populations and ecological communities, contributes to, and highlights the importance of, conserving biodiversity. The conservation of biodiversity has a number of wider community benefits. These include:

  • provision and maintenance of a range of ecosystem processes;
  • contributing to increased ecological knowledge of species, habitats and broader ecosystems; and
  • cultural, aesthetic and spiritual biodiversity values.

A number of other threatened plant species are known to occur in and adjacent to Ripple-leaf Muttonwood habitat. In Mallanganee National Park they are Tylophora woollsii and Senna acclinis. In Boatharbour Nature Reserve they are Austromyrtus fragrantissima, Desmodium acanthocladum, Floydia praealta and Ochrosia moorei. In the swamp sclerophyll open forest on private property near Tatham they are Austromyrtus fragrantissima and Geijera paniculata. These species will benefit from the implementation of the proposed actions in this plan.