Approved Recovery Plan for the Ripple-leaf Muttonwood (Rapanea species A Richmond River)

Threatened Species Unit, North East Branch
New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation, 2004
ISBN: 1741221382

8. Social and economic consequences

The estimated total cost of implementing the recovery actions for Ripple-leaf Muttonwood will be $96,850 over the five-year period covered by this plan. The inclusion of the Ripple-leaf Muttonwood populations in Mallanganee National Park and Boatharbour Nature Reserve has significantly increased formal protection for the species. Management of these areas will be in accordance with the requirements of the NPW Act and any costs incurred will be met by the DEC.

Implementation of this Recovery Plan will not affect current SFNSW harvesting operations. Under current forestry practices, the IFOA applies prescriptions to harvesting operations where known individuals of Ripple-leaf Muttonwood occur.

The Ripple-leaf Muttonwood population at Tatham occurs in a vegetation remnant that has already been zoned for protection under the relevant Local Environmental Plan. Any works undertaken on private land will only be done with the consent of the relevant land owner. A number of conservation mechanisms potentially offer management support and incentives for protection on private land.

It is anticipated that there will be no significant adverse social or economic costs associated with the implementation of this Recovery Plan and that the overall benefits to our shared environment will outweigh any specific costs.