National recovery plan for Stream Frogs of South-east Queensland 2001-2005

Prepared by Harry Hines
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
and the South-east Queensland Threatened Frogs Recovery Team, 2002


Many people have contributed to the preparation of this recovery plan, especially past and present members of the various threatened frogs recovery teams that have operated in south-east Queensland and north-east New South Wales. This plan has been developed from four previous plans. The authors of these plans - Adrian Borsboom, John Clarke, Michael Cunningham, Keith McDonald and Wayne Martin, and all those who contributed to the preparation of those plans, are gratefully acknowledged. Figures used in Appendix 1 have been modified from Clarke et al. (1999), Hines et al. (1999), and Gillespie and Hines (1999). The Commonwealth Endangered Species Program, the Natural Heritage Trust and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service provided funding for the preparation of a draft of this recovery plan. Sue Wright, Alastair Campbell, Liz Dovey and Brigitta Wimmer from Environment Australia assisted with funding applications and reviewed earlier plans.