Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor) Recovery Plan 2001-2005

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Swift Parrot Recovery Team (2001)
Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
ISBN 0 7246 6283 9

Recovery Actions (continued)

Action 3. Reduce the Incidence of Collisions


To reduce the incidence of swift parrot collisions with man made structures including chain-link fences, windows and vehicles.


Actions implemented under the previous plan to increase public awareness of problem structures and promote remedial measures appear to be having some success with less injured birds being recovered in the past two years. However, collisions continue to be a cause of mortality in adult and juvenile birds in Tasmania and a program to identify problem structures and sites is still required.


Make the recently produced collision brochure widely available to homeowners. The pamphlet provides advice on how to identify problem areas and offers a range of solutions. To maintain awareness of the collision threat to the recovery of the swift parrot through the media and the schools-based Swift Parrot Habitat Rehabilitation Network. Monitoring of structures and sites where remedial measures have been employed will be undertaken to ensure they remain effective. Funds are required to undertake annual monitoring of problem structures and sites, to conduct a public awareness program and to update and reprint the collision brochure.


Administration: DPIWE (Hobart)

Costs ($1000s)

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Year 5
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