Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor) Recovery Plan 2001-2005

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Swift Parrot Recovery Team (2001)
Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
ISBN 0 7246 6283 9

Recovery Actions (continued)

Action 6. Manage the Recovery Process through a Recovery Team


To guide the implementation of the recovery plan and evaluate and review progress regularly by a team with appropriate expertise, management responsibility, community representation and a concern for the conservation of the species.


The appropriate body to implement and undertake reviews of the recovery plan is a recovery team which has members from representatives of funding bodies, land management agencies, other land managers, the community and others with relevant expertise.


The recovery team meets twice a year and consists of representatives from the Nature Conservation Branch, Tasmanian Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment, the Flora and Fauna Branch, Victorian Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (Chair), NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Birds Australia and the Threatened Species Network. There are three corresponding members of the recovery team: the South Australian Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Australian Capital Territory Department of Environment and the Department of Environment and Heritage, Queensland. They are not formal members of the recovery team but are kept informed on the recovery process and are involved in those actions that are relevant to their state, eg. winter surveys.

District land management staff and other stakeholders are invited to participate in recovery team meetings when meetings are held in their region. The recovery team also works with the Regent Honeyeater Recovery Team in undertaking the winter surveys as a joint project. NGO representatives receive some assistance from the recovery program to attend meetings.


Team administration: NRE (Melbourne), NPWS (Queanbeyan), DPIWE (Hobart), BA, TSN

Costs ($1000s)

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