Mitchell's Rainforest Snail Thersites mitchellae Recovery Plan

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, July 2001
ISBN 0 731 6298 5

6.0 Recovery Plan implementation

The TSC Act requires that a government agency must not undertake actions inconsistent with a recovery plan. The NPWS is the authority responsible for the actions identified in this plan.

6.1 Critical habitat

The TSC Act makes provision for the identification and declaration of critical habitat for species, populations and ecological communities listed as endangered. Once declared, it becomes an offence to damage critical habitat (unless the action is specifically exempted by the TSC Act) and a species impact statement is mandatory for all developments and activities proposed within critical habitat.

This plan proposes declaration of habitat in Stotts Island Nature Reserve as critical habitat for Mitchell's Rainforest Snail. This will be one of the first critical habitat declarations in NSW and will contribute significantly to the recovery of Mitchell's Rainforest Snail and its habitat. It will also greatly assist implementation of the TSC Act's critical habitat provisions across a range of endangered species and land tenures by increasing community awareness of these provisions and by establishing an administrative process to be followed.

Declaration of critical habitat for Mitchell's Rainforest Snail in Stotts Island Nature Reserve does not indicate that additional areas are not essential or critical to the recovery of the species. An action has been included in this plan requiring consideration of additional areas for identification as critical habitat for the species. This may include the complex of habitat fragments in the Cumbebin Wetland area at Byron Bay.

6.2 Environmental assessment

The TSC Act amendments to the environmental assessment provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EPA Act) require that consent and determining authorities consider relevant recovery plans when exercising a decision-making function under Parts 4 & 5 of the EPA Act. Consent and determining authorities must consider the conservation strategy outlined in this plan when considering a proposed development or activity that may affect the species.

This plan also includes environmental impact assessment guidelines to assist those required to prepare or review assessments of likely impacts on Mitchell's Rainforest Snail (Appendix 1).