National recovery plan for Zieria formosa, Zieria buxijugum and Zieria parrisiae

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, 2002
ISBN 0 731 36496 1

Executive Summary

This document constitutes the formal New South Wales State and National Recovery Plan for Zieria formosa, Zieria buxijugum and Zieria parrisiae. It considers the conservation requirements of these species across their known range, identifies the future actions to be taken to ensure their long-term viability in nature and the parties who will carry these out.

The three Zieria's are listed as Endangered under the Commonwealth's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, and as Endangered (Schedule 1, Part 1) on the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. All three species are shrubs that occur on rhyolite rock outcrops and grow to between two and four metres high. In spring these Zieria's produce clusters of small, white or pink flowers at the ends of their branchlets. Only a single population of each species is known. The three species occur on private properties located between about six and 10 km west of Pambula in the far South Coast area of NSW. The species do not co-occur.

The rarity of these Zieria's was first drawn to the attention of the then landowners by the Australian National Herbarium, Canberra during 1986 and 1987, soon after they were discovered. At that time the species were also brought into cultivation at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra.

The Recovery Actions detailed in this Recovery Plan include; (i) the fencing of Z. parrisiae sites to exclude wallabies and the protection of selected plants of Z. buxijugum using individual wire mesh guards, (ii) the establishment and maintenance of a regular monitoring program, (iii) determining whether ex-situ populations should be established, (iv) discussion with landowners regarding medium and long term security for the sites, and (v) maintenance of an effective liaison between NPWS and the landowners.

It is intended that this Recovery Plan will be implemented over a period of five years. Most of the Plan will be implemented using the existing resources of NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Commonwealth Natural Heritage Trust funding already provided for this purpose. Some currently uncosted additional funds may be required to implement Action 3.2 (establishment of an ex-situ population/s), should this action be determined necessary.


Minister for the Environment


This Plan has been prepared by a small Recovery Team working in close consultation with two of the three landholders who have the Zieria species growing on their properties.

The members of the Recovery Team are John Briggs and Genevieve Wright from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Southern Directorate, Sharon Davey from NPWS Far South Coast Region and Graham Roche from Bega Valley Shire Council. Warwick Smith of NPWS Southern Directorate was also on the Recovery Team until February, 2000.

The cooperation and enthusiastic support of a previous landowner, Chris Parramore, and the current landholders Sue McIntyre and Greg Carton, Rod and Elisabeth McIntyre and Sue and Brian Sullivan for the protection of these species on their properties is much appreciated.

Environment Australia has provided funding for the preparation of the Recovery Plan and the implementation of several recovery actions.