Zieria granulata (Illawarra Zieria) Recovery Plan

NSW Department of Environment and Conservation, 2005
ISBN: 1 7412 2143 9


The following members of the Illawarra Regional Threatened Flora Recovery Team and their respective agencies/organisations are thanked for their assistance with the preparation of this recovery plan and with the coordination/implementation of recovery actions to date:

  • Ken Murray and Sandie Jones (Shoalhaven City Council)
  • Paul Formosa (Wollongong City Council)
  • Alison Scobie and Sharon Cooper (Shellharbour City Council)
  • Peter Stuckey and Amanda Schipp (Kiama Municipal Council)
  • Graeme Bradburn (Australian Native Orchid Society, Illawarra Branch)
  • Chris Lacey and Tim Wilkinson (Department of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources)
  • John Briggs (Southern Threatened Species Unit, DEC)
  • Les Mitchell (Nowra Area, Parks & Wildlife Division, DEC)
  • Melinda Norton and Ian Jackett (Highlands Area, Parks & Wildlife Division, DEC)
  • Carl Glaister and Anders Bofeldt (Wollongong Botanic Gardens)
  • Mark Robinson (Ecological Consultant)
  • Professor Robert Whelan (University of Wollongong)
  • Richard Johnstone (Mount Annan Botanic Gardens, Botanic Gardens Trust, DEC)

The following people are also thanked for their assistance in the recovery effort for Z. granulata:

  • Denise Black and Kate Harris for assisting with survey efforts;
  • Lisa Hart and David Murphy (Shellharbour City Council), and Sharyn Langford and Michael Day (Kiama Municipal Council) for providing spatial data;
  • Garry Daley and Denise Black for providing additional location information;
  • Tim Francis, Tullimbah Landcare and the Friends of Bass Point Reserve for implementing on-ground threat abatement works at Z. granulata sites; and
  • Environment Australia Natural Heritage Trust Program for contributing funds towards the Illawarra Regional Threatened Flora Recovery Program.

1 Introduction

Zieria granulata is a tall shrub belonging to the Rutaceae family. The species is endemic to the Illawarra region of NSW where it occupies the coastal lowlands and escarpment slopes between Oak Flats and Toolijooa. Z. granulata has been recorded from 26 populations (or 97 highly fragmented sites) within its natural range of 22 kilometres, with the vast majority of sites located on freehold land.

The natural habitat of Z. granulata has been extensively cleared since European settlement and much of its remaining habitat is fragmented and highly degraded. A large number of threatening processes are operating at Z. granulata sites.

This document constitutes the formal NSW and National Recovery Plan for Z. granulata and as such considers the requirements of the species across its known range. It describes the current understanding of the species, documents management actions undertaken to date and details the recovery program for the species over the next five years, and the parties responsible for implementing it.