Zieria granulata (Illawarra Zieria) Recovery Plan

NSW Department of Environment and Conservation, 2005
ISBN: 1 7412 2143 9

12 Roles/Interests of Indigenous People

Indigenous communities with an interest in the actions proposed in this recovery plan have not yet been identified. Implementation of recovery actions under this plan will include consideration of the role and interests of indigenous communities in the region.

13 Biodiversity Benefits

The conservation and study of Z. granulata will benefit other species that share the same habitat. It will also help to conserve areas of the following endangered ecological communities that are listed on Schedule 1 of the NSW TSC Act; Illawarra Subtropical Rainforest, Melaleuca armillaris Tall Shrubland, and Illawarra Lowlands Grassy Woodland.

The raised awareness of Z. granulata created during the implementation of this plan will raise the profile of all threatened species in the community. This in turn will lead to greater opportunities for the conservation of threatened species and increased protection of biodiversity.

14 Preparation Details

This recovery plan was prepared by Martin Bremner of the DEC Threatened Species Unit, Metropolitan Region, with the advice and assistance of the Illawarra Regional Threatened Flora Recovery Team.

15 Review Date

This recovery plan is to be formally reviewed and updated by the DEC, in conjunction with the recovery team, five years from the date of its publication.