Commercial harvesting of Kangaroos in Australia

by Tony Pople and Gordon Grigg
Department of Zoology, The University of Queensland
for Environment Australia, August 1999
Chapters 10,11,12 and 13 and Appendix 1 provided by staff at Environment Australia

Figure 15 (a-h) National Trends

a, b. Estimates of the kangaroo population in the commercial harvest (zone) area (see Fig. 14). Thin line is for a survey area common to all years. All population estimates for eastern and western grey kangaroos derived from aerial surveys using correction factors of Caughley et al. (1976) have been doubled. This reflects recent work suggesting this level of underestimation (see Chapter 4, Table 2). Estimates for years not surveyed in Western Australia have been calculated as the geometric mean of two surveys.
c-h show national trends in harvest offtake, the quota and harvest rate.

15a Population trends, harvest and quota figures for all species
15b Population trends by species
15c Harvest offtakes by species
15d Harvest offtake of all species
15e Harvest rate for all species
15f Quotas & harvest as % of population
15g % of quota harvested (Reds & Greys)
15h % of quota harvested (wallaroos)

table - national trends for all species

Figure 15a.

table - national population trends by species

Figure 15b.

table - national harvest offtakes by species

Figure 15c.

table - national harvest offtake of all species

Figure 15d.

table - national harvest rate for all species

Figure 15e.

table - quotas and harvest as percentage of population

Figure 15f.

table - percentage of quota harvested (Reds and Greys)

Figure 15g.

table - percentage of quota harvested (common wallaroos)

Figure 15h.