Coral Sea Fishery

Submission for environmental assessment under the EPBC Act
Department of the Environment and Heritage, 12 February 2004

About the submission

The Delegate of the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, in pursuance of sub-section 303GB(1) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, is considering giving authorities under section 303GB of the Act for a period of 12 months for the export of holothurian species taken in the Coral Sea Fishery.

Information regarding the fishing operation is outlined in the document Environmental assessment report - Coral Sea Fishery prepared by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

Copies of the assessment report are available on AFMA's web site .

In accordance with paragraph 303GB(7)(c) of the Act interested persons are invited to lodge comments in writing on the desirability of giving the authorities. Any comments received will form part of the documentation provided to the Delegate of the Minister responsible for a decision. Copies of comments may also be made available to other persons with a particular interest in the application to satisfy legal requirements for procedural fairness. If you wish to claim confidentiality for any part of your comments, would you please discuss the matter with the contact officer indicated below.

Such comments should be lodged at the following address not later than 19 February 2004.

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