Expert Panel on the Declared Commercial Fishing Activity that is the subject of the Final (Small Pelagic Fishery) Declaration 2012



Ms Mary Lack (chair)

Ms Mary Lack has qualifications in agricultural and resource economics and has over 25 years experience in Australian and international fisheries management. Ms Lack has been the Director of Shellack Pty Ltd, a consulting company specialising in fisheries management and governance, for the past 13 years, prior to which she held senior positions in the Australian Public Service.

Professor Peter Harrison

Professor Peter Harrison is an internationally recognised marine ecologist with more than 30 years experience in marine science research, university teaching, postgraduate supervision and consultancy work. He is the Director of the Marine Ecology Research Centre at Southern Cross University (SCU) and the Director of Marine Studies at SCU. Professor Harrison has been a member of the Australian Government's Threatened Species Scientific Committee since 2005.

Associate Professor Simon Goldsworthy

Associate Professor Simon Goldsworthy has been undertaking research in the field of marine biology for over 20 years, specialising in the ecology of marine mammals and seabirds and operational and trophic interactions with fisheries. He is currently the Principal Research Scientist and Sub Program Leader – Threatened, Endangered and Protected Species at the South Australian Research and Development Institute. Professor Goldsworthy coordinates a number of significant research programs that focus around the foraging and population ecology of pelagic predators and their trophic and operational interactions with commercial fisheries.

Dr Cathy Bulman

Dr Bulman is a fisheries biologist with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research currently researching the diets of shelf and slope fishes including the small pelagic species of the Southern Australian ecosystem and how they have changed over the past two decades as a result of the changing marine environment. Building on these studies, Dr Bulman also specialises in ecosystem-based fisheries modelling and ecological risk assessment of the effects of fishing.