Torres Strait Trochus Fishery

Environmental assessment under the EPBC Act
Australian Fisheries Management Authority, October 2005

About the submission

The Department of the Environment and Heritage (DEH) has received a submission - Draft Assessment report Torres Strait Trochus Fishery from the Australian Fishery Management Authority (AFMA). The report has been prepared against the Australian Government Guidelines for the Ecologically Sustainable Management of Fisheries (Guidelines). The submission will be used to assess the operation of the fishery for the purposes of Parts 10, 13 and 13A of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

Consideration will be given to:

  • declaring the Torres Strait Trochus Fishery, as managed consistent with the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984, as an Approved Wildlife Trade Operation under section 303FN of the EPBC Act; and
  • including on the list of exempt native specimens, specimens harvested in the Torres Strait Trochus Fishery in accordance with the Torres Strait Fisheries Act 1984.

In accordance with the provisions of sections 146, 303FR and 303DC of the EPBC Act, you are invited to comment on this proposal. Closing date for comments is Thursday 17 November 2005.

Copies of the assessment report are available on AFMA 's web site at

Electronic copies of the Guidelines are available from the DEH website at or a hard copy can be mailed to you upon request.

Please provide your comments to:
Ms Cate Coddington
Environment Policy Section
Australian Fisheries Management Authority
PO BOX 7051

Submissions may also be sent by fax to (02) 6272 5167, or email

Any comments received will form part of the documentation provided to the Australian Government Minister for the Environment and Heritage for a decision. Copies of comments may be made available to other persons with a particular interest in the application. If you wish to claim confidentiality for any part of your comments, would you please discuss the matter with the Director of the Sustainable Fisheries Section on (02) 6274 1917.