Northern Territory Mud Crab Fishery - Agency submission 2002

Environmental assessment under the EPBC Act
Division of the Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development (DBIRD), 25 September 2002


About the document

The Northern Territory mud crab fishery is based on the taking of Scylla serrata by pots for the live food trade, recreation and subsistence purposes.

The major stakeholder groups are the commercial wild harvest sector, recreational fishers and those, such as the indigenous population, who utilise the mud crab as a subsistence food as well as it having cultural significance. The aquaculture sector has a long-term interest in the wild stock aspect of the fishery for broodstock purposes. There is also a sector of the community who do not take, or consume mud crab, but still have a significant interest in the health of the resource and the impact of the fishery on the ecosystem and greater environment.