South Australian Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii) Fishery - Agency decision 2002

Agency submission for environmental assessment under the EPBC Act
Primary Industries and Resources SA, November 2002

Agency submission on ecological sustainability


About the submission

This report has been prepared by the Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Division of the Department Primary Industries and Resources, South Australia (PIRSA), in association with the Northern and Southern Zone Rock Lobster Fisheries Management Committees.

The purpose of this report is to provide Environment Australia with a detailed assessment of the management arrangements in place for the South Australian Southern and Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fisheries, against the 'guidelines for the ecologically sustainable management of fisheries', set out in the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act). It is intended that this report serve to have southern rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii), taken from South Australian waters, placed on the list of exempt native specimens for export under Part 13 and 13(A) of the EPBC Act.

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