South Australian Seahorse Marine Services - Agency submission 2004

Agency submission for environmental assessment under the EPBC Act
Department of the Environment and Heritage, June 2004

Agency submission on ecological sustainability


About the submission

South Australian Seahorse Marine Services has been in operation since 1998. Over the last five years our breeding program has produced small numbers of captive bred seahorses that have been sold to the aquarium market world wide.

The facility is now also a public viewing facility offering tours of the 'farm' so visitors can see the majestic Syngnathidae family and have an insight into a real working aquaculture facility. The theme of the public viewing facility is 'education is conservation'.

Some of the species held at the facility are not currently under any breeding program, they are used solely at this stage for display purposes. However, any off-spring raised from these species will be offered to the aquarium market, until specific breeding programs for these species are implemented.

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