Whalewatching in Commonwealth Waters

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Submissions on the discussion paper Whalewatching in Commonwealth Waters - review of management arrangements are now open.

Best practice whale watching in all Australian waters is supported by the Australian National Guidelines for Whale and Dolphin Watching 2005. These guidelines were developed collaboratively by all jurisdictions who agreed to their adoption through complementary whale watching regulations.

While Australia boasts a well developed and responsible whale watching industry, significant public interest in recreational whale watching over recent years and a steady increase in whale numbers migrating along Australian coastlines has seen an increase in whale watching effort. As a consequence environmental, economic and social concerns have emerged.

Discussion paper

In order to address these concerns the Australian Government has developed a discussion paper Whalewatching in Commonwealth Waters - review of management arrangements and is seeking comment from all interested stakeholders.

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Your feedback will contribute towards achieving environmentally and economically sustainable whale watching in Australia.

Comments close 16 December 2011.

How to make a submission

Step 1: Read the discussion paper
Read the discussion paper Whalewatching in Commonwealth Waters - review of management arrangements

Step 2: Complete a coversheet
Complete a coversheet containing your personal information and agreements regarding copyright and confidentiality. Note: a completed coversheet must accompany your submission.

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Submission guidelines

What should be in the submission?

There is no prescribed format for the submissions. Submissions may be in the form of a letter, email, a short document or a substantial paper. They may include appendices and other supporting documents. It is helpful if lengthy submissions are prefaced by a brief summary of the main points.


Please note that you must have permission from the intellectual property owner to use materials included as part of your submission. You will need to agree to this on the coversheet.


To protect your privacy, please complete a submission coversheet.

Any personal information that you do not want to be made public (such as phone number or address) should only appear on the coversheet, and not in your submission. Submissions may be published in full on this website. Material on this coversheet will remain confidential.

Publication of submissions

Submissions may be published on this website in full, and submissions, or extracts from submissions, may also be reproduced in public documents unless marked confidential.

All submissions will be regarded as public documents unless clearly marked 'confidential' or 'commercial-in-confidence' and they may be made available to other interested parties, subject to provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

For submissions from individual community members, the publication of contact details will be limited to name, suburb and state unless marked confidential, in which case no contact details will be published.

Confidential information should be provided in a separate document with 'Confidential' clearly marked on every page and a title such as 'Confidential annexure to submission by [INSERT NAME] on [INSERT DATE]'.

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Submissions will be accepted up until the 16 December 2011 by email or hardcopy sent to:

whales@environment.gov.au (email submissions should not exceed 5MB in size, including any attachments)


Cetacean Conservation Management Section
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