Education for Sustainability Grants Program

2002-2003 Projects

A total of six projects to a value of $116,000 were funded under the 2002-2003 program.

Project Title: School Shoes: The schools ecological footprint interactive education website
Applicant: The Powerhouse Museum
Grant Funding: $35,000

Schools throughout Australia will be able to register on a new interactive web site to calculate and record their ecological footprint. The web site will provide information on how schools can reduce their footprint and record their progress towards ecological sustainability.

Project Title: Case studies of ecologically sustainable practices in business and local government
Applicant: Ballarat University
Grant Funding: $23,000

The University of Ballarat will develop a series of case studies illustrating and promoting examples of environmental best practice management in rural and regional areas, including the development of an interactive web-based resource.

Project Title: Sustainability in Small Business
Applicant: Boroondara City Council
Grant Funding: $3,000

Boroondara City Council will provide practical assistance to 10 small businesses in the town of Boroondara, with energy bill analysis and a walk through "desktop audit" of equipment and operations.

Project Title: Refreshing the Toolbox
Applicant: Interpretation Australia Association Conference
Grant Funding: $25,000

Interpretation Australia Association's annual conference in Melbourne from 1 - 4 September 2003 will focus on ecological sustainability practices, and help practitioners develop the messages, skills, training and knowledge they need for lifelong community learning.

Project Title: Greenhouse Growers Environmental Education Project
Applicant: NSW Agriculture
Grant Funding: $20,000

NSW Agriculture will develop learning resources for Greenhouse Growers in the Sydney Basin area. The resources with help growers to develop Environmental Management Plans (EMPs). The resources will focus on chemical management, visual pollution, nutrient solution dumping and waste disposal. The project will have a specific focus on growers from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Project Title: National Minimal Impact Language
Applicant: Leave No Trace
Grant Funding: $10,000

A national minimal impact language will be developed to educate the community about the skills and ethics needed to respect and conserve our natural and cultural heritage during recreation and travel. This project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Australian Heritage Commission.