Education for Sustainability Grants Program

2003-2004 Projects

A total of six projects to a value of $155,000 were funded under the 2003-2004 program.

Project Title: Developing a certification scheme for Environmental Professionals
Applicant: The Environment Institute Australia and New Zealand
Grant Funding: $25,000

This project will create a certification scheme for environmental practitioners that will assist government, industry, and the broader community to identify and verify the qualifications, accountability and ethics of professionals in environmental practice.

Project Title: Support for the biennial conference in Adelaide
Applicant: Australian Association for Environmental Education
Grant Funding: $30,000

The conference will be titled "Creating ethical communities now: Footprints, pathways and possibilities". Themes of the conference will include: measurable changes towards greater sustainability; education and environmental activism; information and wisdom; media; PR; consuming and consumerism; a sense of place: environmental education, multiculturalism and indigenous Australians; and communities and the arts: community cultural development and social change.

Project Title: Green Smart Module, Sustainable Water Management and Application Course
Applicant: Housing Industry Association
Grant Funding: $25,000

Course modules will provide industry professionals with detailed and practical training in specific areas of sustainability within the Housing Industry. The course will provide detailed instructions and advice on: reducing water demand; rainwater harvesting; outdoor water use and landscaping; grey water systems; on-site waste water use; stormwater management; water efficient fittings and appliances; and rebates, regulations and assessment tools.

Project Title: One Ocean, Pacific Basin Forum
Applicant: Marine Education Society of Australasia Inc and Australian Marine Education Alliance
Grant Funding: $7,500

The aim of the forum is to facilitate a network of marine environmental educators in the Pacific Basin. The forum will seek to maximise the effectiveness of local strategies used to educate for the sustainable use of the ocean through participants identifying and sharing experiences.

Project Title: Rural Production, Conservation, and Land Management Training Packages
Applicant: Rural Training Council of Australia
Grant Funding: $36,500

The project will develop a suite of competency based training resources to support the teaching of sustainability. It will draw upon learning guides from the RTCA in addition to publicly available material from a range of government departments and agencies.

Project Title: Careers in the Environment in Australia
Applicant: School of Social Science and Planning, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Grant Funding: $31,000

The project will create a guide to environmental jobs. The project will survey the range of environmental jobs and the scope of environmental careers in Australia and will result in a guide to environmental career opportunities. Case studies on environmental career paths in each employment sector will also be developed and included in the guide.