Education for Sustainability Grants Program

2004-2005 Projects

A total of eleven projects to the value of $235,757 were funded under the 2004-2005 program.

Project Title: Engineering Sustainable Solutions Programme - Whole System Engineering Design Training Modules
Applicant: The Natural Edge Project, hosted by The Institution of Engineers Australia
Grant Funding: $20,000

The project will develop practical training material focused on sustainable engineering solutions through Whole System Design. Training modules will be aimed at undergraduate engineering students and professionals. Whole system engineering design will be targeted for integration within the Australian university curriculum and through professional workshops. 0System%20Engineering%20Design%20Training%20Modules

Project Title: National Design for Environment (DfE) curriculum for industrial design students
Applicant: Centre for Design at RMIT University
Grant Funding: $25,000

This project seeks:
1. To develop a curriculum resource kit for tertiary teachers and students in industrial design integrating sustainability into courses.
2. To initially pilot the curriculum in Industrial Design Programs at RMIT (Vic) and University of Technology Sydney (NSW).
3. To distribute a copy of the completed kit to all industrial design courses in Australia.
4. To run a national 'train-the-trainer' DfE workshop based on the kit for design teachers.

Project Title: Capacity building for better environmental education delivery within the Australian tertiary sector
Applicant: Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability
Grant Funding: $20,000

This project is comprised of three parts.
1. Development of a website to provide information and resources that will help operationalise the principles of ESD within tertiary institutions. ANU will manage the website and ongoing costs will be sourced from the tertiary sector.
2. Develop Resource Kits that will equip members to deliver tertiary 'greening' education projects and initiatives.
3. The organisational capacity and viability of ACTS will be strengthened through formal incorporation and securing ongoing funding commitments through membership fees.

Project Title: Australian Universities and the challenge of sustainability: embedding education for sustainability into university curricula.
Applicant: RMIT University
Grant Funding: $15,000

This project aims to determine the key mechanisms required to turn sustainability innovation into embedded practice in universities with a focus on curriculum. It will result in practical guidelines for integrating sustainability principles into a wide range of university courses. It will use empirical surveys of academics, students and graduate employers to provide direction for specific curricula content and will undertake action research to explore the models and processes that best achieve mainstream curriculum change for sustainability.

Project Title: 2005 International River Health Programme
Applicant: Landcare Australia
Grant Funding: $20,000

The International River Health Programme is a biannual event that engages Australian youth in identifying the environmental issues faced by our national river systems and the actions required to improve the Murray-Darling River system. The program links expert industry identities with school groups from every State and Territory of Australia to develop a workshop presentation for the International River Health Conference to be held in Mildura in October 2005 on an environmental issue particular to their region.

Project Title: National Symposium on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
Applicant: Australian National Commission for UNESCO/ RMIT
Grant Funding: $10,000

The National Symposium is an initiative of the Australian National Commission for UNESCO and is organised and hosted by RMIT University in partnership with the Victorian Catholic Education Office. The National Symposium will be a one-day event to initiate awareness raising, explore potential partnerships and develop collaborative activities to promote the objectives of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in Australia.

Project Title: Support the Establishment of a secretariat to Strengthen the AAEE
Applicant: Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE)
Grant Funding: $30,000

The Australian Association of Environmental Education has been operating for 26 years and is coordinated by dedicated volunteers with a mission to foster education for a sustainable future. AAEE has identified the need to employ a secretariat to coordinate and manage the work carried out by the organisation's volunteers. This project will appoint a part-time staff member for a period of 6 months to undertake secretariat establishment functions, ascertain funding options for ongoing funding of the secretariat and establishment of a national office.

Project Title: Developing innovative and strategic approaches to community sustainability with local government
Applicant: Gould League of Victoria Inc.
Grant Funding: $40,000

This project will develop resources and pilot a coordinated national approach to community environmental education through local government. The project will reinvigorate local government services and programs that develop local leadership in ecologically sustainable practices, and education for sustainable development.

Project Title: Achieving national outcomes in environmental education through camps for 8-15 year old scouts
Applicant: Scout Association of Australia, Western Australia Branch - Scout Environment Awareness Programme
Grant Funding: $5,500

The project will provide education to youth on environmental issues, remedial actions and ecological sustainability using age-specific practical and theoretical teaching methods. Courses and learning outcomes will be tailored to meet the national Cub Scout and Scout Award Scheme objectives. Methods of delivery will be coordinated by experienced volunteers and delivered in a camp based format, which addresses the gaps in environmental education currently experienced.

Project Title: Knowledge and Skills for Sustainability
Applicant: National Centre for Sustainability- Swinburne University
Grant Funding: $24,000

This proposal will develop resources for training package developers and industry stakeholders by providing Guideline Standards for Environmental Sustainability. A key feature of the Guideline Standards for Environmental Sustainability is the 'Customisation Advice', which provides training package developers with information on how to implement the Guidelines.

Project Title: Community environmental education using human health messages
Applicant: Doctors for the Environment, Australia Inc.
Grant Funding: $11,257

This project aims to improve the community's understanding of environmental issues by developing two posters to be displayed in doctor's waiting rooms on biodiversity and climate change that link human and environmental health and suggest individual and collective action.

Project Title: 2006 biennial, national conference: Sharing Wisdom for our Future - Environmental Education in Action
Applicant: Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE), Western Australia Chapter
Grant Funding: $35,000

AAEE provides a national forum for discussions and debates, networking and sharing knowledge and expertise between environmental educators. The 2006 conference will provide an opportunity to look at national initiatives in environmental education and review progress in the context of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.