Education for Sustainability Grants Program

2006-2007 Projects

A total of five projects to the value of $185,520 were funded under the 2006-2007 program.

Title: Environmental Education up the Track: Hot Topics for our Community, 2008 Biennial National AAEE Conference, Darwin
Applicant: Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) - NT Chapter
Grant Funding: $35,000

AAEE provides a national forum for discussions and debates, networking and sharing knowledge and expertise between environmental educators. The 2008 conference in Darwin will seek to extend discussion, build networks and improve understanding of topics in education for sustainable development at local, national and international levels. A significant feature of the conference will be the engagement and involvement of Indigenous Australians.

Title: Going Better (or Beyond): Case Studies for Built Environment Design Professionals
Proponent: Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA)
Grant Funding: $44,300
This project by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects will:

  • provide architects, and other built environment design professionals, with case studies of built projects that go beyond current sustainable solutions;
  • identify key success factors and the ways current practice needs to change to facilitate the design and construction of innovative sustainable buildings, drawing upon the experience and expertise of built environment design professionals to facilitate change; and
  • identify future areas of activity to improve the sustainability of the Australian built environment.

A series of case studies examining built projects that go beyond current energy efficiency regulations will be developed and communicated nationally via a national seminar series, peer reviewed papers and an online learning course.

Title: ESD Training Package for Elected Local Government Representatives
Applicant: Hunter Councils Inc.
Grant Funding: $50,000
The 14 Councils of the Hunter, Central and Lower North Coast will develop and pilot an education for sustainability capacity building program that:

  • is tailored for and targeted at senior managers and elected representatives;
  • delivers innovative "experiential" capacity building initiatives across divisions and management hierarchies of councils;
  • collates and develops best practice tools and resources for education for sustainability; and
  • facilitates the transition from theory and awareness to practical implementation of sustainable practice across council decision making and operational processes.

The education for sustainability capacity building program will increase the commitment and ability of senior managers and elected representatives to:

  • support and promote initiatives of environmental and NRM officers;
  • make decisions that deliver sustainable outcomes for local communities; and
  • establish and reinforce the role of local councils as community leaders for sustainability.

Title: Corporate Sustainability Business Forum Series
Applicant: Total Environment Centre Inc.
Grant Funding: $21,220
The project will involve members of the business community in a 6 month educational program of debate, forums, briefings and case studies about Corporate Social Responsibility in Australia: Themes include:

  • Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) review: A review of ways to mainstream SRI, latest proposals and implementation;
  • Sustainability Communications & Reporting: How companies can avoid "Greenwash", identify CSR evaluation processes and standard reporting methods and showcasing best practice;
  • Supply chain management: incorporating environmental requirements throughout the supply chain as well as involving suppliers and managing environmental improvement processes; and
  • Director Responsibilities, Sustainable Governance: How the CAMAC Report from September 2006 and personal accountability issues will affect business governance and transparency.

Title: National Environmental Auditing Tool for Industry Education
Applicant: Motor Trade Association of South Australia
Grant Funding: $35,000
The aim of this project is to develop a simple environmental audit tool for the automotive industry including new and used vehicle dealers, collision repairers, dismantling and recyclers, auto repairers and service stations. This is to be subsequently utilised as an education/training aid for the Motor Traders Association Group Training Scheme, but will also be made available to other educational bodies, TAFE colleges, training institutions and business associations. The tool will use a visual method of recording resources used (eg water, electricity) and the pathway/disposal of the used resources. Benefits of the project will include improved business efficiency and cost savings, environmental compliance, direct involvement of employees in environmental improvement, improved resource use and waste reduction and an ability to comply with ISO 14001 in 30 simple steps.