Education for Sustainability Grants Program

2007-2008 Projects

A total of five projects to the value of $211,000 were funded under the 2007-2008 program.

Title: Sustainable Marketing at Retail
Appicant: Point of Purchase Advertising International
Funding Amount: $50,000

Point of Purchase Advertising includes temporary and permanent advertising displays, shelving, digital displays, and packaging. The project aims to provide decision-makers of all major Australian brands, retailers and their suppliers with strategies to improve their sustainability and environmental performance in this area.

Title: The Australian Responsible Investment Academy
Appicant: Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)
Funding Amount: $50,000

RIAA plans to establish a Responsible Investment Academy to develop the competency of Australia's investment industry. The project will involve developing a business plan and establishing the initial structures for the Academy which will provide investors with the skills to incorporate environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) into investment analysis.

Title: E-waste training package for business and local government
Appicant: Canberra and South East Region Environment Centre
Funding Amount: $26,000

The project aims to help bring about positive changes in both the attitudes and behaviour of organisations, business and local government in relation to "e-waste" (electronic waste) in Australia and to establish a more strategic and sustainable response to this growing problem. The project will be particularly aimed at local government as they are the frontline in waste disposal.

Title: Learning 4A Change
Appicant: Ethos Foundation
Funding Amount: $40,000

A learning program of activities to support young people and community based leaders to develop understandings of the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change. The program will involve the development of youth climate action leaders, the forming and linking of young people, business, community groups and local government into transformative action networks, the building of community understandings around issues, including the capacity and resilience of communities to respond.

Title: Green Business Advice - focus on small-to-medium enterprises (SME)
Appicant: NSW Business Chamber Ltd
Funding Amount: $45,000

The aim of the project is to educate and advise mainly small-to-medium enterprises (SME) on how to become more sustainable through the use of a resource tool and seminars. The project involves developing an industry specific one-stop-shop guide for SMEs which will collate sustainability information (eg case studies, benchmarks, legislation, tools, assistance programs) for the main industry streams, compiling fact sheets on general issues applicable to all businesses, and developing a booklet compiling all the information succinctly for each industry sector.