Australian Vegetation Attribute Manual

National Vegetation Information System, Version 6.0
Executive Steering Committee for Australian Vegetation Information (ESCAVI)
Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2003
ISBN 0 642 54953 2

Appendix E: Acknowledgements - Australian Vegetation Attributes V1.0 - V6.0

The National Land and Water Resources Audit

Over the period 1997-2002, the National Land and Water Resources Audit (Audit or NLWRA), through an investment of $29.4M over five years, coordinated and commissioned a range of assessments that encompassed the Australia's natural resources and biodiversity (NLWRA, 2002). These assessments included surface and groundwater; dryland salinity; native vegetation; rangelands; agriculture, natural resource accounting; river, estuary and catchment health; and terrestrial biodiversity.

The above assessments were major collaborative exercises between research agencies, natural resource managers and community organizations. There was a strong emphasis on data standards and data collation to underpin the assessments. The Audit products are being distributed through the Natural Resources Atlas ( and Natural Resources data Library (

Recommendations for the future included plans for the monitoring and evaluation of Australia's natural resources.


We would like to thank the following people for contributing to development of the NVIS Vegetation Attributes. Please advise if we have omitted your name from this list.

NSWAustralian Capital Territory
Environment ACT, Dept Urban Services - Bill Logan, Frank Ingwersen, Mark Dunford, Sarah Sharpe, Greg Keen

National Parks & Wildlife Service - Dominic Sivertsen, Steve House
Departme & of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources - Peter Smith, Ross Peacock, Dominic Sivertsen
Royal Botanic Gardens - John Benson
State Forests NSWNSW - David Lounde

Northern Territory
Department of Lands, Planning and Environment - Peter Brocklehurst, Dave Howe, Blair Wood, Donna Lewis, Angela Prinz
Parks and Wildlife Commission NT - John Woinarski

Botanical Sciences (Queensland Herbarium), Environmental Protection Agency - John Neldner, Bruce Wilson, Robbie Price
Department of Natural Resources - Teresa Eyre, Kristen Williams, Tim Danaher
Department of Primary Industries - Christina Bruinsma

South Australia
Planning SA - Kym Nicolson, Lee Heard, Felicity Smith, Sandy Carruthers
Department of Environment, Heritage and Aboriginal Affairs/ Department for Environment and Heritage - Tony Robinson, Peter Lang, Jackie Venning, Felicity Smith.
Primary Industries SA - Amanda Brook, Roger Tynan
Environment Protection Agency - Doug Fotheringham
Resource Monitoring and Planning - Roger Playfair

Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment - Steve Harris, Ann Kitchener, Dave Peters, Jo Edwards and Sophie Underwood.
Forestry Tasmania - Mick Brown, Shane Stone

Department of Natural Resources and Environment/Department of Sustainability and Environment - David Parkes, Peter Farrel, Lucille Turner, Fiona Ferwerda

Western Australia
Department of Conservation and Land Management - Angas Hopkins, Frank McKinnel
Department of Agriculture WA- Damian Shepherd, Greg Beeston,
Department of Environment Protection- Ben Carr, Josie Bayley,

National Land and Water Resources Audit - Ian Cresswell, Maria Cofinas, Colin Creighton
Department of the Environment and Heritage - Annemarie Watt, Elizabeth McDonald, Peter Lawrence, Gaston Rozenbilds, Leo Berzins, Peter Lyon, Matt Bolton, Maria Cofinas, Kate Ord
Australian Greenhouse Office - Jenny Kesteven
Bureau of Rural Sciences - Richard Thackway, Claire Howell, Mellissa Wood, Alison Pritchard, Philip Tickle, Sabrina Sonntag, Evert Bleys.