Protecting Heritage Places

10 steps to help protect the natural and cultural significance of places
Australian Heritage Commission, 2000

Introduction (continued)

What is heritage conservation?

The aim of both natural and cultural heritage conservation is to retain the significance of a place.

The basic elements of heritage conservation are:

The basic elements of heritage conservation

Two key reference documents set out the principles and processes to be followed in order to conserve natural and cultural heritage places. They are:

A set of Draft Guidelines for the Protection, Management and Use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Places, released in 1997, covers similar material for Indigenous heritage. Updated guidelines for caring for Indigenous heritage places are currently being developed. For more information contact the Director, Indigenous Heritage Section, Australian Heritage Commission, GPO Box 787, Canberra, ACT, 2601. Phone (02) 6274 2111.

The documents follow the same step-by-step process as used in this Website. The crucial element in all of these is the need to clearly understand the significance of a place. This Website brings together the common process contained within all three documents.