Protecting Heritage Places

10 steps to help protect the natural and cultural significance of places
Australian Heritage Commission, 2000

Step 4: Why is this place important? (continued)

What is a statement of significance?

A statement of significance is a statement which indicates why a place is important. It is useful to explain the values of the place and their importance to the community or groups within the community. It may also describe features of a place that have intrinsic value but which have no known human affinity or values.

Documenting the significant values of a place is one of the most important parts of the process of protecting heritage, and the key for knowing how to manage the place appropriately. It is also important for explaining the significance of the place to others. A well-prepared statement may help with a funding proposal by showing that you have a clear understanding of why the place is important and worthy of funding.

You may find helpful, some tips for writing a statement of significance and examples of statements of significance.

The significance of a place can also be expressed and communicated in other ways apart from just written word.