Protecting Heritage Places

10 steps to help protect the natural and cultural significance of places
Australian Heritage Commission, 2000

Step 4: Why is this place important? (continued)

Tips for writing a statement of significance

No set formula exists for drafting a statement of significance. You can use prose or dot points, whatever best suits your purpose. These general tips may help.

  • The statement should be succinct, easy to read, and address all the heritage values of the place. Try focusing on the question 'Why is this place significant?'
  • Use or refer to heritage criteria if appropriate.
  • For a large or complex area, present its overall significance in a summary statement, supported by subsidiary statements for specific features.
  • Indicate known gaps in the information available. For example, state whether the place has been assessed for both natural and cultural heritage.
  • Refer to or cite the evidence supporting the judgement of significance. Do not include lengthy extracts, but make sure people understand the basis of your claim. This is important to make sure the statement has credibility
  • For Indigenous places, make sure that the voice of appropriate Indigenous people is clearly expressed in the words, and that they have agreed to the way Indigenous values are described in the statement.