Protecting Heritage Places

10 steps to help protect the natural and cultural significance of places
Australian Heritage Commission, 2000

Step 7: What do you need to do? (continued)

What kinds of strategies and actions are needed?

Your strategies or actions will depend on your objectives and will vary from place to place. Good management is about finding appropriate and creative solutions or strategies for the situation at hand.

All management plans should include strategies for maintenance, protection and monitoring.

The following will give you an idea of the different types of strategies:

  • maintaining or taking other action to protect what is significant about the place, or facilitating new uses that are compatible with the significance of the place
  • running a training or education program about the place. This might be for the general public, or for staff or other stakeholders. It could include developing interpretation tools to help people understand the significance of the place
  • developing a fundraising strategy
  • creating a marketing strategy
  • developing new uses at or for a place (look at an example)
  • taking immediate steps to secure a place, and to ensure public safety or physical protection of the site
  • devising an emergency or disaster response strategy (including responding to vandalism and graffiti)
  • changing access arrangements or providing facilities for visitors
  • providing disabled access
  • controlling on future development
  • further recording and documenting
  • establishing new management and consultation arrangements
  • running a program to reintroduce a plant species that once lived naturally in the area
  • putting in place a program to ensure Indigenous spiritual practices associated with places are maintained