Protecting Heritage Places

10 steps to help protect the natural and cultural significance of places
Australian Heritage Commission, 2000

Step 8: What is your plan? (continued)

Ensuring monitoring is included

As your plan for a heritage place proceeds, it is important to measure any changes. Knowing what to monitor is important to ensure that the results being sought through the plan are being achieved.

To allow effective monitoring, any management plan needs the following:

  • a clear statement of management objectives
  • a statement of how you will know if the objectives have been reached (key performance measures)
  • a statement of the current condition of the place against which changes to the place will be measured
  • the time period over which changes should be noticeable
  • a summary of what data needs to be collected to help assess the changes. It is important to be realistic about the amount of data that can be collected.

Look at an example.

In addition to monitoring there should be a review process built into the plan. The timing of reviews should be stated and agreed. Agreement should also be reached on the type of review process and who should take responsibility for its carriage.