Preparing a management plan for a Commonwealth Heritage place

This process facilitates a logical flow from evidence to significance, policy development, implementation and management. Each step is given equal weight and is important in developing a well-integrated and consistent plan. The form of the resulting document will reflect the complexity of the individual place. Therefore plans will vary in look and content.


Gather and analyse evidence, and describe the heritage values:

  • identify place associations
  • identify/contact people or groups with an interest in the place
  • gather and record information about the place sufficient to understand significance (documentary, oral, physical)
  • provide a description of the Commonwealth Heritage values and any other values of the place.

Develop policies:

  • identify obligations arising from identified and potential Commonwealth Heritage values
  • gather information about other factors affecting the future of the place (owner/manager's needs and
  • resources, external factors, physical condition)
  • develop policy

Implementation and ongoing management:

  • prepare strategy for implementation of policies
  • manage place in accordance with management plan
  • monitor and review

Handy resources for developing your management plan

The Burra Charter and the Australian Natural Heritage Charter are among a number of best practice documents that provide guidance when developing a management plan. Ask First should also be used as a reference for appropriate consultation with Indigenous stakeholders on issues relating to the identification, management and use of places with Indigenous heritage values.

The Burra Charter is available from Australia ICOMOS Inc.

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