State and territory heritage lists

Australias states and territories maintain lists or registers of heritage places that have particular importance to the people who reside there.

Most states and territories limit their lists to places of historic and Indigenous importance. Others have lists that include natural, historic and Indigenous places. Places on a state or territory list are protected by that jurisdictions laws.

The main government lists are as follows.

Level of government Heritage list


  • World Heritage List the list is actually maintained by the World Heritage Centre of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), based in Paris
  • National Heritage List
  • Commonwealth Heritage List
  • List of Overseas Places of Historic Significance to Australia
  • Register of the National Estate (frozen - to be phased out by 2012)
  • Historic Shipwrecks Register

State and Territory

  • ACT ACT Heritage Register
  • NSW NSW State Heritage Register
  • NT NT Heritage Register
  • Queensland Queensland Heritage Register
  • SA SA Heritage Register
  • Tasmania Tasmanian Heritage Register
  • Victoria Victorian Heritage Register
  • WA Register of Heritage Places
Note: some states and territories also maintain a separate Indigenous site register


  • ACT not applicable
  • NSW NSW State Heritage Inventory/Local Environment Plan
  • Queensland local government heritage register
  • SA list in Council Development Plan
  • Tasmania heritage register or list of heritage items in planning scheme
  • Victoria Heritage Overlay in local government planning scheme
  • WA Municipal Inventory

There are also lists kept by the National Trust in each state and territory, the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, and Engineering Heritage Australia. These do not provide legislative protection for places.