Commemorating Eminent Australians (CEA)

Previous funding rounds

List of projects funded under the Commemorating Eminent Australians program.

CEA 2010-11 successful projects

Projects funded under Round 1 (2010-2011).

Project Description Amount
Friends of Cheltenham and Regional Cemeteries Inc The project will restore and preserve, by cleaning, repairing and repainting inscription, the monumental gravesite of Clarice Majoribanks Beckett for the benefit of future generations. The condition of the gravesite has deteriorated since Beckett's death in 1935 to the extent that today, the headstone inscription cannot be read without difficulty. $1,654.55
Carisbrook Lions Club The project will enhance and bring focus on the cairn to honour Tilly Aston, through the installation of a gazebo structure containing information boards on Tilly Aston's life and achievements, and creation of a surrounding sensory garden. $16,394.00
Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society The project involves cleaning of the Henry Lawson Bust in Footscray Park by microspray and repointing as required. These activities will ensure it does not deteriorate and will be preserved for the future. $960.00
Camperdown Cemetery Trust The project will address deterioration of the Dumaresq and Macleay family grave and preserve the identifying name and architectural lines of the tomb chests. The works include masonry repairs and lead protection of the Dumaresq chest, along with the realignment of the top of the Macleay chest. $8,454.54
Rotary Club of Port Moresby Incorporated The project is to construct a permanent fence (steel post embedded in concrete with galvanised steel mesh) around the existing historic Badihagwa Cemetery and to make it available to visitors. $15,318.00


CEA 2009-10 successful projects

Projects funded under Round 1 (2009-2010).

Project Description Amount
Mapping Mary Mackillop's Educational Initiatives in Australia - North Sydney, NSW Multi touch interactive screens will be installed into the Memorial Chapel and Museum of Mary MacKillop. These interactive screens will provide an interpretation of Mary MacKillop's educational initiatives in Australia. $20,000
Conservation of the Les Darcy Vault - East Maitland, NSW Reconstruction of the collapsed brick wall to the side of the vault. Drainage works and the installation of agricultural pipes to direct surface water around the monument will also be undertaken, together with restoration of the decoration, lettering and cross of the monument. $9,090
Restoration of the Corridor of Oaks - Faulconbridge, NSW The project will provide landscape restoration, reconstruction and specialist care for the 25 Australian Prime Ministers' oak trees. $16,345
Repairs and Replacement of Concrete Paving at Prime Minister Ben Chifley's Home - Bathurst, NSW Conservation, protection and garden restoration at the grounds of Ben Chifley's home. Including repair and replacement to all existing concrete edging and associated earthworks. $8,767
Preservation of the John Tebbutt 1984 Observatory - Windsor, NSW This project will preserve the original observatory roof, dating back to 1894. Works will also be done to reconstruct the floor boards. $11,112
Interpretation of Major General Lachlan Macquarie's Statue - Windsor, NSW Six interpretive panels will be manufactured and installed near the former Governor's statue. $7,710
Completion of John McDouall Stuart's Memorial Grave - London, UK This project will replace the memorial's needle, which was dislodged in the middle of the 20th century. The replacement of the needle will restore the grave to its former glory and also prevent the ingress of water on the top of the monument. $11,323
Conservation, Interpretation and Access to Governor Macquarie's Tomb - Scotland, UK Stonework repairs and restoration of inscriptions and design to the Governor's tomb. Interpretive panels will also be installed. There will also be improvements made to allow for better pedestrian access. $10,000