Albert Hall Revitalisation: progress reports

Progress report one (December 2009)

The design phases of the project are progressing well and the building application is being prepared for submission to Launceston City Council.

The tenders for electrical upgrade and construction close at the end of February/early March, with work commencing shortly thereafter.

The design for the storage and dressing rooms is proceeding on time.

Progress report two and three (June 2010)

Due to the scale of the project and the complexity of planning, this project is now due to be complete in August. In addition, cost increases have meant that some of the works originally included in the project scope are being omitted, and will be funded by the Launceston City Council.

The majority of the electrical upgrade works are complete. The north end storage space works are complete and awaiting installation of the scissor lift.

Works have begun on the acoustic and sightline improvements. The stage lowering and dressing room works will commence in July, due to existing bookings.

Final result (May 2011)

Improvements to the stage, acoustics, electrical supply, performer dressing rooms and storage rooms have been completed while maintaining the heritage values of the building. Heritage doors, architraves and windows have been reused and replacement bluestone was sourced from the original quarry. The complete stage floor and timber bearers were reused in the stage improvements and heritage colours were maintained throughout the building.

The work has improved the acoustic quality of the Great Hall, increasing its viability as a venue for local, state, national and international events.