Restoration of Audit House Gardens: progress reports

Progress report one (August 2009)

A fully detailed quotation for the initial clearing and pruning has been obtained, and the tree service and arborist has been engaged. Once initial clearing of vegetation has taken place, it will be possible to obtain a quotation for fencing, as the full extent of required repairs will be clear.

Progress report two (March 2010)

The clearing, pruning and tree removal has been done. Works to repair the fences and gates are also complete.

Repairs to the paths, garden edges and gravel drive have begun but have been delayed due to monsoonal conditions, as has the general garden clean up. It is anticipated that this project will be completed by mid April 2010 if the monsoon conditions permit.

Final result

This project has been successfully completed. Activities undertaken included:

  • tree removal and pruning
  • repairs to fences and gates
  • repairs to paths, garden edges, drive and mulch gardens
  • rubbish removal and clean up.

Positive outcomes arising from this project include increased visibility of the house from the street, making it easier to understand the conformation of the garden and the siting of the house. Management of the property has been simplified, which will sustain the heritage values of the place.

Audit House was open to the public during the National Trust Heritage Festival.