Bendigo Tramways Depot Development: outcomes

Benefits of project

Bendigo Tramways is a significant employer, and both a practitioner and teacher of a variety of traditional trade skills. The expansion of the tram barn and workshop together with important site conservation works and ancillary works such as landscaping, interpretation and construction of a library and research facility, will enable modern work practices in the heritage environment and also open the site to the public.

The excitement of a historic yet busy workshop and depot will make Bendigo's depot a more attractive destination than static tram displays. The OHS and accessibility works will allow safe public tours of the site. Additional patronage of the depot will flow on to additional rides on tram tours, potentially creating employment for drivers and conductors.

The primary long term benefits of the project will be:

  • increased employment and training opportunities
  • opening the site to visitors, creating a tourist attraction
  • a heritage listed site remaining in its original use, conserved for many years to come.