Breaksea Island Lighthouse Restoration: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

Heritage Council approval has been applied for. Architectural drawings, structural engineers report and archaeological assessment are in the final stages of completion. Works will begin when tender documentation is finalised.

Progress report two (March 2010)

A re-scope of the project has been undertaken, due to various factors including the weather and subcontractor availability.

Tenders for work on the jetty have been called for and work is scheduled to commence. This is due to be complete by late May 2010.

Materials are currently being sourced and airlifted to the island so that work can commence on the keepers cottages immediately.

Progress report three (June 2010)

The flooring, structural repairs and cladding of the shed have been completed on the Jetty, along with replacement of some of the joists.

The works on the 1902 and 1908 house completed to date are roofing works, lintel replacement, rendering, flooring supports and plumbing. As a result of significant costs savings in the restoration of the houses and the jetty, restoration of the 1858 lighthouse and the 1889 extension are possible.

Due to various factors, including the weather, subcontractor availability and location, works are not due to be completed until late October 2010.

Final result (March 2011)

The project aimed to stabilise existing buildings on the island and prevent further deterioration through completion of conservation and adaptive works to the Lighthouse Keepers Cottages and 1899 Lighthouse Extension. The repair and upgrade of the Timber Jetty has improved access to the Island.

Further work to the site will see the cottages refurbished to a level where they can be used for future tourism operations on the Island. The restoration work adds to the maritime heritage of Australia's southern coastline and acknowledges the pioneer mariners and early lighthouse keepers who were instrumental in the settling of this area.